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SWY6 - World Youth Wave '94
Sailing route
Dates of the sailing
Photos of the participants
Photos of other people involved
Photos from the official report
Significant Achievements of the ex-PYs
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Sailing Route

Dates of the Sailing

January 21, Embarkation of all participants in Tokyo, Japan
January 28, Refueling and water supply in Singapore, Singapore
February 1-3, port of call activities in Colombo, Sri Lanka
February 9-12, port of call activities in Mombasa, Kenya
February 22-25, port of call activities, disembarkation of participants from Africa and Europe in Piraeus, Greece
March 7-9, port of call activities, disembarkation of participants from Southwest Asia in Bombay, India
March 15, Refueling and water supply in Singapore, Singapore
March 22, Arrival of Japanese participants in Tokyo, Japan


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- Group F
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- Group H
- Group I
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Other People Involved
- Director and Advisors
- Administrative Staff
- Crew Members

Photos from the official report
- In Sri Lanka
- In Kenya
- In Greece
- In India
- Farewell
- Activities on-board

Significant Achievements of the Ex-PYs

Peter Ongera (SWY6, Kenya) is running a very successful and award winning pro-poor social enterprise called
African Homestay Services. He is the African Social Enterprise Ambassador for the British I-Genius group and
a business screener and coach for World Bank sponsored contests at Bid Network.

Ravi Chopra (SWY6, India) started his career as a socially conscious photo-journalist working for development
agencies and national newspapers after completing his post graduation. He founded DISHA, a national NPO
(non-profit organization) with like-minded people for socio-economic development of the underprivileged communities
by working all over India. He is currently a General Secreatary of SWYAA-India.

Rupesh Gupta (SWY6, India) got into a basic telecom company in 2001 in the state of Punjab, the state with highest
per capita income in India. He was taking care of one of the biggest clusters of this state till 2004, when he moved
to the head office of this company heading the revenue assurance till August 2007.
In September 2007 he got the opportunity in the latest industry in the country, retail. He joined biggest retailer in the mobile
handset business in India to be based out of Bangalore. Currently he is working with the same company heading their
operations of southern state of Karnataka.

Samrita Kaur Gill (SWY6, India) is now working as Customs Appraiser in the Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue,
and Government of India. She is currently posted at Vadodara in Gujarat, the western corner of the country.

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