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SWY9 - WISH - We are the International Ship of Hope
Sailing route
Dates of the sailing
Photos of the participants
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Significant Achievements of the ex-PYs
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Sailing Route

Dates of the Sailing

January 19, Embarkation of all participants in Tokyo, Japan
January 29-February 1, port of call activities in Brisbane, Australia
February 5-7, port of call activities in Suva, Fiji
February 11, Refueling and water supply in Papeete, Tahiti
February 22-24, port of call activities in Guayaquil, Ecuador
March 1-3, port of call activities, disembarkation of participants from Central and South America in Acapulco, Mexico
March 11, Refueling and water supply, disembarkation of participants from North America and Oceania in Honolulu, USA
March 20, Arrival of Japanese participants in Tokyo, Japan


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Other People Involved
- Director and Advisors
- Administrative Staff
- Crew Members

Photos from the official report

-On board activities
-On board activities & Port of call activities
-Port of call activities

Significant Achievements of the Ex-PYs

Rowland Espinosa Howell (Costa Rica, SWY9 and REN03) became the Vice-Minister of Science and Technology,
Government of Costa Rica, in May 2010.

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