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Sailing route
Dates of the sailing
Photos of the participants
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Significant Achievements of the ex-PYs
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Sailing Route

Dates of the Sailing

January 20, Sailing ceremony in Tokyo, Japan
January 27, Refueling and water supply in Singapore, Singapore
February 4-5, port of call activities in Victoria, Seychelles
February 8-11, port of call activities in Mombassa, Kenya
February 19-22, port of call activities in Aqaba, Jordan
March 1-4, port of call activities, diesmbarkation of participants from Europe, Middle and Far East in Muscat, Oman

March 12, Refueling and water supply, disembarkation of participants from Africa and Southwest Asia in Singapore, Singapore
March 19, Return of Japanese participants in Tokyo, Japan


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- Group B
- Group C
- Group D
- Group E
- Group F
- Group G
- Group H
- Group I
- Group J
- Group K
- Group L
- Group M

Other People Involved
- Director and Advisors
- Administrative Staff
- Crew Members

Photos from the official report

-On board activities
-On board activities & Port of call activities
-Port of call activities

Significant Achievements of the Ex-PYs

Anastassios Vizovitis (Greece, A group) is now a spokesman of the Mayor at the City Council of Athens in Greece.

Faith Brown (South Africa, E group) is working on a community based nutrition project: WARMTH.

Paul Ferrer (UK, A group) and Anita Coetzer (South Africa, B group) with two little Nippon Maru babies Amy and Isobel.
If it wasn't for the Ship for World Youth Programme this family wouldn't have happened!
Paul is a composer of TV and Film music.

Jamal Mohamed Al-Hammadi (UAE, B-group NL) was promoted as the General Manager of Youth & Culture Department,
General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare of UAE in 2008.

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