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Sailing route
Dates of the sailing
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Significant Achievements of the ex-PYs
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Sailing Route

Dates of the Sailing

September 9, Departure ceremony in Tokyo, Japan
September 16, Refueling and water supply in Singapore, Singapore
September 24-25, port of call activities in Port Victoria, Seychelles
October 2-4, port of call activities in Cape Town, South Africa
October 10-11, port of call activities in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
October 17-19, port of call activities, disembarkation of European and Middle and Near Eastern participants (except for NLs) in Dubai, UAE
October 28, Disembarkation of African, Southwest Asian, North, Central and South American, Oceanian and Japanese participants in Singapore, Singapore
October 29, Return of Japanese participants in Tokyo, Japan


- Australia
- State of Bahrain
- Kingdom of Belgium
- Canada
- Arab Republic of Egypt
- India
- Japan
- United Mexican States
- Kingdom of Norway
- Republic of Peru
- State of Qatar
- Republic of Seychelles
- Republic of South Africa
- Spain
- Republic of Turkey
- United Arab Emirates

- United Republic of Tanzania

Other People Involved
- Advisors
- Administrative Staff
- Crew Members

Photos from the official report

-On board activities
-On board activities & Port of call activities
-Port of call activities

Significant Achievements of the Ex-PYs

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