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Sailing route
Dates of the sailing
Photos of the participants
Photos of other people involved

Photos from the official report

Significant Achievements of the ex-PYs
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Sailing Route

Dates of the Sailing

Otcober 21, World Youth Meeting and departure ceremony in Singapore, Singapore
November 8-9, port of call activities in Cairns, Australia
November 18-19, port of call activities in Honolulu, USA
November 25-27, port of call activities in Vancouver, Canada
December 3, Disembarkation of overseas participants in Honolulu, USA
December 13, Disembarkation of Japanese participants in Tokyo, Japan


- Australia
- Republic of Cameroon
- Canada
- Republic of Chile
- Republic of the Fiji Islands
- Japan
- United Mexican States
- New Zealand
- Spain
- Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
- Kingdom of Tonga
- United States of America
- Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Other People Involved
- Director and Advisors
- Administrative Staff
- Crew Members

Photos from the Official Report

-In Japan & World Youth Meeting
-On board activities 1
-On board activities 2
-In Australia
-In Canada

Significant Achievements of the Ex-PYs

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