Post Program Activities Promotion Sessions

SWY20 Post Program Activities Promotion Sessions from Chennai, India to Singapore
February 20-27, 2008

Arrival in India
Chennai Airport Nippon Maru Departure for Singapore
Bannar by SWYAA Indian ex-PY Nippon Maru in Chennai port SWYAA logo

Post Program Activities Session 1 on February 23

Presentation about SWYAA
SWY/SWYAA quiz Ex-PYs' National Leaders, Advisors and staffs


To learn more about yourself/friends, to expand your prespectives for future,
to help actualize your plans, Participants discussed their ideas through the questions
in a small group.

Regional meeting

Delegation meeting

Batch representatives' meeting

Post Program Activities Session 2 on February 25

Presentations by the SWYAA/IYEO representatives

Presentation about what you have discussed at the delegation meeting

Delegation meeting

Delegation meeting

Explanation about SWYAA activities in the future

SWYAA bulletin board

Ex-PY message to SWY20 participants

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