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Next Generation Global Leaders Program 2016
"The Ship for World Youth Leaders"

The Itinerary is as follows:
- Arrival of the OPY:  January 17 (Tue), 2017
- Orientation and Welcome party:  January 18 (Wed)
- Local Program (OPY only):  January 19 (Thu) to January 22 (Sun)
- Preparatory Training Session (JPY only):  January 21 (Sat) to January 22 (Sun)
- Onshore Training Session:  January 23 (Mon) to January 28 (Sat)
- Onboard Training Session:  January 29 (Sun) to March 3 (Fri)
   - Port of call activities in New Zealand:  February 12 (Sun) to February 14 (Tue)
   - Port of call activities in Fiji:  February 17 (Fri) to February 20 (Mon)
- Post-program Training Session (JPY only):  March 3 (Fri) to March 4 (Sat)

Participating countries will be:
・Federative Republic of Brazil
・Republic of Costa Rica
・Arab Republic of Egypt
・Republic of Fiji
・Republic of Kenya
・New Zealand
・Kingdom of Tonga

Ports of Call Countries:
・New Zealand (Auckland)
・Republic of Fiji (Suva)


The Ship for World Youth Leaders (SWY) program, operated by Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, is a program that involves youths from Japan and countries around the world. The participants board the SWY, live together, and while on board, they study and discuss common issues from a global perspective and participate in other various activities that involve multi-cultural and multi-national exchange opportunities.

The SWY program which began in 1988, marked its 25th voyage in 2013 (FY2012).

There are following programs succeeding the general purpose of SWY program:
- 2014 (FY2013), the Global Leaders Development Program (GLDP)
- 2015 (FY2014), the Global Youth Leaders Development Program 2014 “The Ship for World Youth Leaders”
- 2016 (FY2015), the Next Generation Global Leaders Program 2015 "The Ship for World Youth Leaders"